Welcome to the CHUN YEH

Welcome to the CHUN YEH

Chun Yeh Gear Co., Ltd. is a Taiwan-based transmission parts manufacturer. We have more than twenty years of experience in mechanical components manufacturing and engineering.

At present, Chun Yeh’s main products are the mechanical parts of worm gearboxes, power tools, agricultural and farming machinery, power wheelchairs, gear reducers, pneumatic tools, to name a few.

We implement precision measuring tools and instruments and follow strict testing procedures to design and manufacture components that meet our clients’ requirements. In practice, we choose the process, material, and treatment based on clients’ specific needs to produce the parts.

In addition to the quality control, we also make sure of a reasonable lead time. Regardless of sampling or production, we always arrange the process and delivery in a timely manner. Since we pay close attention to the details, Chun Yeh has successfully established a tight relationship with our partners in Europe, America, and Asia.

In recent years, Chun Yeh has put the focus on the design and production of high-precision worm gears and worm shafts for index tables, turn tables, rotary tables and ATC (automatic tool changer) systems. We look forward to deepening the collaboration with all our partners, both domestic and overseas, to further improve our products and service in the future.